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Educational Translation Mastery

Pierian Spring Group (PSG) is a partnership of language enthusiasts created for the purpose of sharing our passion – multilingual communication. The name Pierian Spring is a reference to a spring in Greek mythology that is said to be the source of knowledge and inspiration for the Muses – the goddesses of literature, science and the arts. Eighteenth century poet Alexander Pope authored, “A little learning is a dangerous thing; Drink deep or taste not the Pierian Spring”

Pierian Spring Group thirsts for educational translations. Our twenty plus years of providing education translation services for public schools allow us to capture not just the words but also the nuances and emotions behind them. We work tirelessly to ensure that the meaning and essence of each text is faithfully conveyed, no matter how complex or challenging the source material. Whether translating an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or a communication to the community from the School Superintendent, Pierian Spring Group continuously strives to bring the beauty and power of foreign languages to new audiences. 

The dedication and passion for our craft makes Pierian Spring Group the premier language service provider for the education sector. PSG’s decades of proficiency in providing translations for public educators has allowed us to amass a large and experienced pool of linguists capable of completing large volume projects with short turnaround times while consistently staying on budget.

Pierian Spring Group’s industry experience has allowed us to amass a large and experienced pool of linguists that gives us the ability to complete large-volume projects with short turnaround times while staying on budget.

Meet Jim and Colin



Jim began his career in the healthcare industry before transitioning to the language translation industry in 2012. As a Principal with PSG, Jim manages the Sales and Finance Teams with a hands-on approach to superior client relationships. Jim, his wife and four children are avid music enthusiasts, self-proclaimed foodies and contributors to the Saratoga Springs Racetrack.



Colin started working in the language translation industry in 2011. As a Principal with PSG, Colin manages all aspects of the Production Department including overseeing project managers, negotiating rates with vendors and creating customized workflows for our clients. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, cycling and spending time with his family.

Adaptability and Excellence in Translation Services

  Expedited Translations: PSG specializes in completing large volume projects with short turnaround times. Our largest project to date consisted of translating and formatting 859 pages with 194k words in 4 business days.

  Scalable Linguistic Pool: Scalability refers to the ability to handle an increase in demand without compromising quality of service. To achieve scalability, PSG prioritizes our investment in efficiency; leveraging infrastructural technology to automate our processes and maintain experienced, fluid staffing levels to accommodate spikes in growth exceeding 200% in daily requests.

  90 Minute Quotes: When contacted during our normal business hours PSG has the ability to turnaround around quotes within 90 minutes.

Streamlined Process: PSG has developed a streamlined translation workflow that is customizable and will be tailored to your specific translation requirements.

Cost Saving Technology: Utilization of Computer Aided Translation(CAT) Tools such as memoQ and SDL Trandos allows PSG to leverage previously translated content against new content and provide reduced rates for words.

Remote Workspace: PSG operates as a remote workforce of independent contractors that allows us to save on rent, payroll, utilities and many other expenses that a typical business incurs.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA): Keeping our client’s confidential information secure and private is a top priority to PSG. All of our resources including in-house team members, our translators and outside resources all are required to execute a NDA with PSG.

Google Workforce Security and Trust: PSG operates in the Google Workforce platform which is one of the leading and most secure tools available today.

HTTPS Secure Platform: PSG offers our clients a HTTPS secure portal where they can upload projects and download translated files from.

Budget-Friendly Clarity: Grab Our Pricing List Now! (free download)

Beyond mere time and money, the impact of mistranslated language in an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or the absence of crucial context in communication with parents can directly affect students. At Pierian Spring Group, we ensure precise translations are delivered promptly and within your budget.

Our commitment to transparency extends to our pricing. What you view is what you’ll be charged. Click the download button to access our comprehensive price list. 

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