Education Translation Services for K-12 Schools

Pierian Spring Group (PSG) provides education translation services to K-12 schools nationwide, so they can better communicate with families of English as a Second Language (ESL) students. Our team can translate any file type into 150 languages. Through our document translation services tailored toward educational institutions, our goal is to bridge the language gap between schools and their ESL population.

About Us

PSG’s 20 years of experience has allowed us to amass a large and experienced pool of translators that specialize in translating educational content.

Education Translation Services

Working with only the most qualified translators and our ability to work with any file type, PSG will help your school district communicate accurately to your ESL population.


PSG has the expertise to translate documents for K-12 schools. Here are some common file types in the education industry we can translate:

Our Process

Step 1: Client Request

Clients may send files to PSG for translation via email or through a secure portal.

Step 2: Pre-Flight

Each project is given to a dedicated Project Manager who will prepare the file(s) for translation, determine the deliverable format of the translated file, select the most appropriate translator and ….

Step 3: Leverage Translation Memory (TM)

Once the file(s) has been prepared for translation the content is run through our preferred computer-assisted translation tools, memoQ, to determine if any content has been previously translated. All previously translated content will automatically be provided to the translator to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Step 4: Translation

A qualified subject matter expert will perform the first round of translations so that the source content’s style, tone and nuances are conveyed accurately in the translated content. All translations are performed in memoQ but the original source file(s) are given to the translators as reference. 

Step 5: Revising (Editing)

A second qualified translator will review the initial translations to ensure the translations properly reflect the meaning of the source content.

Step 6: Proofreading

During the proofreading process the original translator will incorporate any edits from the revising stage and give the content a final proofread in which they specifically check for formatting, grammar, punctuation and aesthetic errors.

Step 7: Layout

Once the translations have been completed the translated content is merged with the source file format.

Step 8: Quality Assurance

A final review is performed by the designed Project Manager to ensure all of the client’s requirements have been met and that the translated file(s) is consistent with the source file(s).

Step 9: Delivery

The translated files are sent back to the client in the same manner in which they are received and the Translation Memory is updated to capture all new translations.


Here are a few of the many reasons why school districts love working with PSG:

150 Languages

PSG offers language translation, graphic design & layout, voice over, transcription, subtitling and eLearning localization services in over 150 languages.

Cost Savings

PSG operates as a remote workforce of independent contractors that allows us to save on rent, payroll, utilities and many other expenses that a typical business incurs.


PSG does not believe in a one size fits all translation workflow. We will develop a translation solution for your K-12 school that fits your specific needs.

Single Point of Contact

Each client is provided with a dedicated single point of contact that is available via phone and email for all matters; sales, accounting, quality control, etc.

Human Translators

Our translators are the heart of what we do. These professionals all have over 10 years of linguistics experience and specialize in working with content for school districts. 


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Recent Testimonials

“Jim and his team were highly professional and communicative. They took the time to understand our specific language requirements, tight deadline and worked well with our internal reviewers to ensure we were comfortable and confident throughout the process”.

– Assistant Principal, Hudson Falls Schools

“PSG has been an excellent conduit for communicating with our LEP students, instructional staff, Administration, parents/guardians, and our local community. One of the things that we appreciate the most is the level of support and guidance they provide throughout the translation process”.

– Superintendent, Watertown Central Schools